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Chroococcus schizodermaticus

caption Chroococcus schizodermaticus
author N.H. Noaman
figure in reference N. H. Noaman, A. M. Khaleafa and M. I. Abdel Nabi (2004). Efficiency of Synechocystis aquatilis and Chroococcus schizodermaticus in wastewater treatment. Egypt. J. Microbiol., 9, 162-178.
image notes Electron micograph of Chroococcus schizodermaticus (Chroococcales), grown in liquid medium BG-11. The hemispherical cell is surrounded by tightly appressed sheath layers. Dense cytoplasm is clear and the thylakoids are arranged. Glycogens are distributed within the thylakoid membrane.
image sets   Egypt - Picoplankton (TEM) - Nagwa Gamal Mohammady