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Gomphonema acuminatum

caption Gomphonema acuminatum is a common benthic (epilithic) species, at times present also in plankton at the littoral of Lake Kinneret. Forming stalked colonies. Cells heteropolar in valve view and cuneate (having one wider and one narrower pole) in girdle view. Attached to the substratum by colorless stalks secreted from the narrower pole. Single H-shaped plastid with a central pyrenoid against one girdle side. Widespread in circumneutral to slightly alkaline waters, sensitive to pollution greater than oligo-beta-mesosaprobic.
author aalster and tzohary
copyright A Alster & T Zohary, Kinneret Limnological Laboratory
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image notes Photo taken with an Olympus BX50 Microscope equipped with DIC optics and PixeLink digital camera, mag. X40
image sets   Lake Kinneret planktonic life forms